Isoft Computers

iSoft Ltd. provides high-quality IT products from leading manufacturers, dealing with the sale of new computer components and assembly of computer systems, the sale of applied software, offers complete solutions in the field of IT equipment, the construction of network infrastructure, information systems, service and support.

More than

10 years experience

Since 2012, iSoft Ltd. specializes in the distribution of new and refurbished branded equipment for Bulgaria. Having our own warehouse and service base allows us to fully test the equipment we import and offer

Trust in

The professionals

From the very creation of I Soft OOD, we started with a mission - to offer quality and affordable computer services - a mission that we continue to realize today through the FREE COMPUTER DIAGNOSTICS in our service.

Sale of equipment

Sale of new and refurbished computer equipment, office and gaming configurations, peripherals, network equipment, cables, adapters, accessories, etc.


FREE COMPUTER DIAGNOSTICS on site at our service center. Service for laptops, computers, monitors, printers, tablets, phones, components, etc.


Address visits and remote supports to fix problems at home or office, subscription supports and remote support subscriptions.

Printers / Toner cartridges

Sale of printers, new and compatible consumables for laser and inkjet devices, refilling toner cartridges, fixing problems with them.

Why choose us?

Rich experience

We have more than 10 years of rich experience, with which we have improved so that we can offer the best and tested practices today!

A wide range of services

We repair laptops, computers, monitors, printers, tablets, smartphones, computer accessories and more.


In our workshop, quality is a priority, we work with precision and use only high-quality tools and components.

Express repairs

We always try to repair the equipment in the shortest possible time - 1 to 3 working days.

Personal attitude

We always approach each problem with understanding and will offer you an optimal solution tailored to your requirements.


We can boast of long-time customers who have become our friends. We try to keep our name associated with good attitude and correct service in the future.

Over the past 10 years, we have helped thousands of our customers choose new or refurbished computer equipment and peripherals, purchase printers and consumables, service them, build and maintain network connectivity, and troubleshoot various types and complexity of equipment problems them at our service center or office and home.

Latest news

Here you can find news about current or upcoming deliveries of new and refurbished computer hardware, new gaming configurations and peripherals, tips on properly maintaining your hardware and how to better protect it, new and upcoming events, activities, promotions and more .

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Blackfriday and CyberMonday and how to protect yourself from online scams

29 November 2023 - Advices



I Soft Ltd. has been approved for financing under the Economic Transformation Program under the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan, selection procedure BG-RRP-3.005 "Solutions in the field of information and communication technologies and cyber security in small and medium-sized enterprises".